May 15, 2011

I'm In Love

I'm in Love - Alex Gaudino is the song de jour. It's one of the first songs that plays in the CD that plays in M's car whenever we go driving. Missing him so much. Had a week off of school so I went to Sydney and spent the week at the apartment. M only had to work twice but one of the days was a 24 hour long shift, ugh. So I was home alone all day and was super boring, R had to work so I didn't even have my Sopranos buddy.
M and I went to a couple bars, did some shopping, R won a meat raffle (yeah it doesn't get much more Australian than that) so he made us an amazing steak dinner Friday night. Then M took me to Darling Harbour to go see the Sydney Aquarium. It was so awesome, we saw some really cool fish and jellyfish and coral thingies. And also huge sharks, a giant dugong (coolest animal ever .. google it) and a giant sea turtle! Was even bigger than the one I swam with in the GBR. It was such a lovely afternoon, then we went to this place called the Star Bar for lunch, it was pretty rad, giant, with pool tables, huge trippy chandeliers, statues of Ned Kelly, The Terminator and an ewok. The chairs were so great too, wooden, with cow hide material on the seat and back, and big silver studs covering the nails? I'm not doing it much justice, it was really cool.
Then the shit hit the proverbial fan ... Heaven claimed another angel. My chi hair straightener died :( So sad, tried a bunch of different plugs, M even took it apart, performed open heart surgery on it and replaced the plug but it still didn't work, think it was just it's time to go. So sad though.
Sunday morning we set the alarm and woke up at 4:30 am, bundled up in jackets, sweaters and hats and drove to Watson's Bay. We hung out on the edge of the cliff and watched the waves roll in and the sun come up and the fishing boats set out to sea. It was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed until about 6:30 then got back in the car and blasted the heat as high as it went! Then we drove past Bondi Beach again. I can't believe I won't see these places again for a whole other year.
Sunday we just hung out, went to buy a new straightener (it's no Chi though) and then we went to the bar that R works at. We played the pokies, a couple games of pool, and this shooting deer/gun violence game thingy. Then grabbed a cab and headed to the train station.
It was pretty hard to get on the train, knowing M will be going to sea for so long, and it will be seven months before I see him again, so it was pretty tearful and I sobbed for about an hour after getting on the train. Just wishing I could jump out and go back home with him.
Got home this morning and crashed, was exhausted from excessive drinking, crying and being on the train for so damn long. Will post pictures of my shopping adventures soon! Have NOT been sticking to my budget. Oops.

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