Jun 2, 2011

Psychedelic Shack

Still sick for some reason. Ugh Halls fever is killing everyone! We're all tired and sick and achey, it's gross. But still heading out to the Espy again tonight, what an awesome place. I will totally miss it when I'm back in Ottawa.
So I woke up soooo sore this morning, hit the gym pretty hard yesterday, but now I can't be fucked to go again today. Maybe I'll be lazy and just go hard tomorrow. But really I should be writing my final for Feminism class. It's an essay and it's supposed to be about the male gaze and women's bodies in the media, but I've decided fuck that, I will write about women in the military and social opinions on their roles. Just seems more interesting since everyone writes about women's bodies in the media all the time and I know exactly what I'm supposed to say. It's just boring.
I'm also supposed to start planning out my thesis! God I have NO idea what to write on, and no idea who to ask to be my advisor. Complicated shit.
I'm also worrying about going home and being super broke, I think I'll need to find a second job asap, there's no other options really. Ugh.
And hitting Savers tomorrow! The Value Village of Melbourne. Soo excited to do some thrift searching! God I've missed having a good hunt through piles of old used clothes.

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