Jun 12, 2011

Randomized Control Trials

Eek! So I'm in the middle of a take-home exam right now! It seems relatively easy and isn't worth too much, but I know I should be (not blogging) and writing it anyways. I have 24 hours to do it. La la la.
It's mostly just bioethics concepts, and we have to write definitions and explain and throw in some trials and everything. It's too bad that I suck at bioethics so much, because I really do find it interesting. I just hate the philosophizing part where we make up these ridiculously intricate scenarios that will never happen and be like "does he deserve it now?" I don't see how it has a whole lot to do with health and stuff. But I am super interested in the issues that we have discussed, and learning about the case trials. Like I am writing about the AZT/Nevirapine Trials that happened in Uganda, involving pregnant women who were HIV+. Very interesting stuff and really important issues. So that's the kind of thing that interests me and that I want to learn more about, but I don't really see how the discussion eventually gets turned around to: these researchers should have at least brought them mosquito netting to help prevent Malaria is some of the participants weren't going to get the drug and only received a placebo. Like .. yes I understand, it's the whole issue of the benefits to burden ratio, but really, can we just refrain from making up scenarios and focus on the facts of what actually happened and how we correct it?
Arghh I don't know.
On the plus side, I'm leaving Monash in a week, heading to Sydney! Super excited, I will be sad to leave my lovely school, and the amazing times I have had living in good ol' Deakin, but I am excited that this chapter is coming to an end, and I can move on to a new one! I'm just totally jealous of W, who is travelling to New Zealand and Thailand after she finishes her exams at Monash! I want to go frollick with elephants and learn to shear sheep! But I think those might be trips for another time, as I am low on the cash-flow, and the flight to Thailand and back is not what you'd call cheap.
But it's still kind of fun tearing apart my room :)

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