Jun 28, 2011

First Day Back!

Yesterday was my first day back at TC. It was so nice to see everyone again, sit in my old desk, and even though it's a boring job my colleagues are awesome and it's nice to know I'm at least getting paid to be bored.
I wore black bermuda shorts, forest green tank top, white cotton quarter-sleeve blazer, stud earrings and my cork and gold sandals.
Nothing else is very new and exciting, just having appointments at the doctor's, eye doctor's, throat specialist's, pedicure, and hair stylist. Canada Day celebrations are this Friday (as is my lovely man's 25th) and I'm pretty excited to get shitty at The Roomies!
Today I went to the gym and did "Core and Stretch", the group fitness classes are pretty fun, keeps things from being boring. Now I'm attempting to cook! In the kitchen! Broccoli and sweet potato patties are in the oven as we speak - they smell delicious but don't look quite like I imagined ... and I'm nervous because whenever I try something without a recipe it usually turns out quite badly. We'll see in 25 minutes!
Also heading up to R's cottage next weekend :) Summer has begun!

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