Jun 26, 2011

Honey, lemon brown-sugar

I'm hoooome!! But first, my last day in Melbourne was (quite fittingly) spent on a wine tour of 4 different wineries in the Yarra Valley. It was amazing, the wines were delicious and plentiful, and the salmon lunch was gorgeous. And then after a crazy flight from Melbourne to Sydney, a night at the apartment and some whiskey with R, I fell asleep and set my alarm for 5am to catch a cab to the airport for my massive flight home. M called me from Hawaii a couple times before I caught my flight which was nice since he wasn't there to see me off. By 7:30 am I was shooting vodka in the duty-free, then I popped some rx sleeping pills and hopped on my flight to Vancouver. It was a massive 14 hours, especially since my window seat was almost hijacked from me, and then I got to sit beside this demon child who kicked me the entire ride. Oh and by the way the 3 sleeping pills did not work .. Lame. Then I crashed in the Vancouver airport for an hour or so while waiting during a massive layover for my next flight. After another 7 or 8 hours I finally arrived at the Ottawa airport to my parents all smiley and excited to see me. And then we dog-piled at the bottom of the escalator and blocked everyone else from getting off. So cute :)
DIdn't sleep my first night home, and by 10am KP and I were drinking wine in our jammies. We did some errands all day, me skulking around Orleans because later that night all the girls went to B-ways for dinner and I rocked up and surprised them. Most of them freaked out and were super excited and made a massive riot, which was awesome and so funny. Then H and I went back to The Roomies and surprised L and A, and later in the evening G. H and I stayed up all night long and watched the sunrise in bed. Perfect night back.
This week I haven't slept much, am still getting used to Canada time, and have been busy cleaning, unpacking and catching up with people.
Although I did a massive purge and got rid of three black garbage bags full of clothes, shoes and purses. It was so painful but had to be done. The girls are all mad that I didn't give them all the clothes, which I know I should have done but I knew if I'd kept the clothes in the house I'd have ended up slowly moving them, piece by piece, back into my closet.
And after living half a year with only a few bits of clothing, I've become accustomed to it, and my room and the massive amount of stuff in it is so overwhelming to me. I'm still slowly trying to get rid of things, and try not to buy too many new things. I keep thinking of trying to move all the crap back to Aus so I'm being as picky as I can with all my things, which has been ridiculously difficult for me since I'm such a pack-rat.
Home home home. More later :)
Oh, and starting work tomorrow!!!!

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