Jun 15, 2011

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Wow, As I pack all my things to begin my giant move out of the place that has been my home for the past 4 months, I have been finding all sorts of little scraps of paper, reminders, ticket stubs, souvenirs and mementos. I'm just taking things out of my wallet like my old phone, bank, MAD and internet cards and I found a scrap of paper that I'd written down my address, postal code and important phone numbers in case I needed them (it took me a little while to get it all memorized), and I was going to throw it out but I looked at the back and I had a list of things to talk to my doctor about when I had an appointment a few weeks ago. It said "migraines, eyesight, prescriptions" and then in M's writing it said "blacking out ... boy not happy".
Just made me tear up because it's going to be so long before I see his writing again. I mean I will see his typing and hear him on the phone, but it's not the same.
Anyways, I had such an awesome night, A and I went to Glen Waverly and had some dinner at Airstream or something, they had lovely cocktails and food, well we can't quite call it dinner because I had a bloody mary, A had a Bailey's and kahlua drink, then we got a pot of wedges, and brushetta, and a Mars Bar thickshake. Sooo indulgent and such fabulous company. Then We walked around the Glen for a while, went to some stores and had life chats. Such a wonderful night, can't beleive it will be so long before I see A again! I wish I'd met her sooner and had more time to spend with her :)
And last night W and I had a serious d&M (deep and meaningful), watched chick flicks and made friendship bracelets. That girl is a kindred soul. Such love to the friends I have made and will miss so very much.

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