Jun 5, 2011

I Love you Girl-M

This is to my bestie Girl-M, the one who has been there for years :) The Charlotte to my Carrie. We've had our fair share of skype sessions while I've been away but all I want is sushi, strawberry wine, The Wackness and life chats about boys, high school and The Epic Philo List.
Oh and also burning oven-pizzas .. and soup, don't mention the soup.
Drinking at 14, doing each others hair and makeup, making jello shots, being retards, running around in bikini's all summer, pool-hopping, casually getting trashed on Monday's, going to my brother's hockey games together, VANKLEEK HILL, cruising around the Whoreleans bumpin shitty hip hop. So many more.
So many good times, and so many more to come baby!
Don't ever forget me.

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