Jun 6, 2011

Sportsgirl & Bardot

Went on a giant thrift shop today :) Hit Savers and Scavenger. It was soooo good, fuck I've seriously missed second-hand shopping!!! And to top it off Savers had a 50% off day today!
K and LL and I drove there, had some lunch at a pub (I had a lovely foccacia sandwhich with pesto, black olives, eggplant and roasted red peppers), LL had a t-bone steak and K had cheesy garlic bread. Delish!
Then we hit Savers! I bought some amazing stuff :) Got an emerald green maxi dress ($8), a blue and grey tye-dye silk tank top with knotted shoulders ($3), a blue plaid cotton sweater with wooden buttons ($4), a pin-striped button-down Bardot tube-top dress ($3), a red and orange linen scarf ($5), a grey Sportsgirl floor-length skirt ($10), and a blue backless parachute tank top with white lacey trim ($3).
Actually I got the grey skirt from Scavengers, and also got a vintage possum-fur "willie warmer" for D ... use your imagination as to what that is. But don't worry it wasn't used.
After an eventful drive home I came back to discover my beloved W has pneumonia! Poor thing, what else can go wrong with that one. So sending my love to her.
Now just watching the new episode of "In Their Footsteps", and finishing up my essay for tomorrow.

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