Apr 18, 2011

Making Memories of Us

Day two on the Great Ocean Road was equally amazing. The driving was awesome, very fun and scary, like a roller coaster ride. The sights were insanely beautiful, endless beaches, with powder fine sand and the brightest turquoise blue water. Waves crashing up on shore and upon huge rocks that have been there since the beginning of time. When we finally made it to the Twelve Apostles we had to park in a lot, walk through an info booth and cafe, and under a bridge to get to the footpath that led to the lookout. It was incredible. Thankfully the clouds broke and the sun shone through, making the apostles the brightest, sandiest gold. It was an amazing thing to see, just like the pictures but so big and I couldn't stop thinking about how old they are, and how much they have changed over the years.
We also drove home and stopped at Bells Beach, where many very famous surf competitions happen. It was freezing cold and the water must have been icy (not to mention shark-infested ... seriously), but there were tons of surfies out there bobbing up and down in the water, waiting to catch the perfect wave. Very cool.
On our drive back home we passed Reedy Creek, which we obviously had to run across the road to and take pictures of. We took the city way back to Melbourne, through Geelong and such instead of the ferry because it's much faster. When we got home we threw our leftover meat on the barbie and ate more delicious toasties! Yum yum.
Then on Sunday my man had to leave, back to work for him, so it was a teary goodbye and he made it home in good time, 9 hours again. Miss him like crazy already, woke up this morning at 6am and panicked because I reached for him and hit the wall. Shook me up to think that this is what it will be like for months and months until I see him again in Canada.
We're going to make things work though, I'm confident. I'll wait for him and I know he'll do anything for me. Even sing me really cheesy country songs at the top of his voice in the car when he's dead tired and back has cramped up. I'm one lucky girl to have found this man.

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