Mar 13, 2011

The Weight

Just arrived home from Sydney. Had an awesome weekend with the crew.
We got into the city a bit late, closer to 8pm than 7 like we were supposed too, and M had to go to work for a doctor's appointment to see if he is healthy enough to sail out. Anyways, he texts me and says he is really sorry, has to sail out and is getting the ship ready to sail so he doesn't have time to come home and see me before he leaves. And I'm waiting outside his apartment and his boss C calls and tells me he is coming by to give me the keys to get into the apartment since M has to leave.
So I'm waiting outside the apartment, bored and kind of upset .. went and got a coffee, walked around a bit.
So I'm texting M all sad asking him to call me before they sail and he is giving me weird answers about how he is really busy and can't call and is really sorry. So I'm sitting there pouting, and I turn around and he's fucking standing there all in his camo uniform with his giant army bag and I just screamed and jumped on him. Suprise :) It was perfect.
Then W and E and I walked downtown Sydney and walked up to Hyde Park to see St.Mary's Cathedral, then to the harbour to see the opera house and the bridge, then we went to The Rocks to watch the boats come in. Then that night M took us to Watsons Bay, an old navy base to watch the sun set. it was soooooo gorgeous, he took me there before but we didn't spend very long. This time we walked the whole way around, probably spent about 2 hours there. It was so beautiful, and there was a nudie beach where some old naked man was having a wank with his finger up his bum .. I got a photo :)
The next day we went to Bondi beach and watched a surfing competition, then E and W wanted to do the 2 hour walk to Coogee, so M and I drove there and it was super crowded so we drove to another beach called Maroumbra, which was sooo gorgeous and very secluded and there were only a few people there and a bunch of people surfing. After we came home from that we made some sangria and waited for W and E to come home so we could get ready to pre-drink and go out.
Finally we went to M's friend C's house and had drinks and party pies and then spent the night out in King's Cross, clubbing and drinking far too much. There was even a tranny and a bench involved in our evening, but she was a bit grumpy. Then the entire next day was spent hungover as fuck in bed.
That evening W and I took the train home, and it was delayed an hour and a half, then we had to slow down for construction, then after we got off the train in Melb, our bus was stopped and we had to get off at some random stop and take another one, it was just such an ordeal and we both were tired and gross and still semi-hungover and just wanted a shower. But it was hella fun :)

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