Nov 15, 2011

All Weather Leather

 Had such a productive day, literally GTL'd .. awkward, then went Christmas shopping! Accidentally stopped at Value juuuuust to have a peek and then spent the next hour trying on clothes. Got this navy blue bodycon skirt (with a zip down the back) from Forever 21 for $7.
 This luuurvely real leather Guess bag still had the tags on it!!! And Value had priced it at $59.99 but I haggled them down to $7.99 :) WORD .. even the packaging was still on the inside, so nice!
 Thennn stumbled across this vintage Dooney & Bourke all weather leather collection satchel, $7.99 totally had to have it!
And then I found this sweet Mexican poncho thingy. Now don't go all cultural appropriation bullshit on me now just because I'm white. It's a lovely piece of textile and I'm an eco-friendly shopper so I'd rather buy something used than buy something brand new, straight from the sweatshops.
Anyways I love my new poncho thingie, it's so warm and woolen and nice.

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