Nov 13, 2011

Marshmallows for Roasting

 Green knit cropped sweater ($15 Urban Outfitters), bluecrush skinnies (VV)
 Went shopping with KP for Christmas pressies .. we needed a girls day so she bribed me, it worked :) Such a fun day at the mall, we did a bunch of pressies (mostly for eachother) but got some other people done too with some really cute stuff! Then we killed a poutine from New York fries and came home and played Wii .. the skiing one.
 Cobalt blue shimmery t-shirt ($30 Dynamite)
Vintage leather cowboy boots (VV), jeggins (Smart Set), trippy blue knit Dynamite tunic (VV), woven leather belt (VV), Steve Madden ruffle purse (KP's).

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