Nov 9, 2011

The Lazy Bitch's French Onion Soup

I'm filling the large boyfriend void in my life with shopping and food ... So sad.
Neon peach colour blocked tank from Forever 21 (VV), jeans, leather belt, brown beaded multi-strand necklace. Blah, blah boring. I desperately need a tie-dye blue poncho with leather trim and wooden toggles. Life would be more complete.
P.s. Look, my hair was a bloody mess and then I greased it up with mane n tail and did a pony tail with braids. Yay for fancy girls.

Best onion soup ever:
1 box of beef or vegetable broth
4 chopped onions
1 can of tomatoes
Salt, olive oil, pepper, brown sugar.

1. Chop up onions, cry a lot, throw in pot with olive oil, sprinkle with a tbsp-ish of brown sugar and some sea salt, throw in whatever herbs you have on hand, caramelize

2. Add tomatoes, mush around for a minute or so

3. Add broth and 3 cups of water

4. Simmer for half an hour

Optional: 4 & 1/2. If you are fancy as fuck and have a hand blender, blend your little heart out... Disclaimer - it is best NOT to do this while the soup is still in the pot on the hot element. Especially when the hand blender is plastic. And if you do decide to do this and the plastic hand blender starts melting to the bottom of the pot, make damn sure you turn it OFF before pulling it out, otherwise it will take you for fucking ever to clean the soup mush off of the ceiling.. and out of the dogs fur.

5. Throw in some croutons, and sprinkle with parmesan cheese to add the 400 calories of fat you'd otherwise be missing.

6. Nom the shit out of it (careful not to burn the roof of your mouth you little piggies .. otherwise an hour later the blistered skin will fall off .. and it's fucking disgusting)

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